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OstroVit Carbo 3000 g

OstroVit Carbo is the highest quality carbohydrate dietary supplement, which is characterized by a very short absorption time. It allows you to supply gradually the right amount of energy during the training period. The preparation is especially recommended for athletes practicing strength sports. In addition, the product has been enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, asContinue reading “OstroVit Carbo 3000 g”

OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex 90 caps

OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex is a universal dietary supplement which protects your organism against harmful impact of free radicals from food and environment. Vitamin E and four natural tocopherols have anti-oxidant properties, thanks to which they counteract various diseases. Do you still want to feel young and healthy as well as enjoy beautifulContinue reading “OstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex 90 caps”

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